PS2 Linux Kit


Yabwrite transfers PlayStation 2 Yabasic source files to PlayStation 2 memory cards under the PS2 Linux kit. This allows you to download Yabasic games and demos from the internet and try those with your PlayStation 2 game console.

In order to use Yabwrite, you will need:

  1. an original size PlayStation 2 game console,
  2. a memory card for PlayStation 2,
  3. a PS2 Linux kit for PlayStation 2,
  4. a copy of the original PlayStation 2 demo disk with Yabasic.

Download & Install Yabwrite

Download Yabwrite 1.3 installation package.

Transfer the tar.gz file to your PS2 and unpack the file as

gunzip -c yabwrite-1.3.tar.gz | tar xvf -
cd yabwrite-1.3

Yabwrite requires a kernel patch to access the memory card from PS2 Linux Kit. This kernel patch is included in the no-bwlinux-check-2.2.1.diff file in the installation package. If you have not already installed the patch, please see instructions on how to install the bwlinux patch at playstation2-linux.com.

Once you have installed the patch, compile yabwrite as

gcc -o yabwrite yabwrite.c

Copy the resulting yabwrite file to /usr/bin directory, for example, and you are ready to go.

Using Yabwrite

For the Impatient

Place a memory card to slot 2, login as root and write an Yabasic source file named freecell.txt to the memory card as

mount /mnt/mc10
yabwrite freecell.txt
umount /mnt/mc10

Reboot the PS2 to Yabasic and load the programs from the memory card as usually.

Step by Step Instructions

About Memory Cards

Before using the Yabwrite, make sure that the memory card has enough free space. Typical memory cards hold about 8 megabytes of data, and a typical Yabasic program requires about 100 Kilobytes of space. Should you need more space, reboot your PS2 without a dvd and use the PS2 browser to delete some files. You can also delete files while in PS2 Linux but, if the memory card contains save games, you may have some difficulty telling which files to delete.

Mount a Memory Card at Slot 2

After finding a suitable memory card, insert a memory card to slot 2, boot Linux, and login as root. Mount the memory card as

mount /mnt/mc10

This makes the contents of the memory card at slot 2 visible at directory /mnt/mc10. When using PS2 Linux, you are most likely using slot 2 because the memory card with the Linux on it will be at slot 1. Yabwrite therefore uses memory card at slot 2 by default.

Write Source Files

To write a yabasic source file named freecell.txt to the memory card at slot 2, issue command

yabwrite freecell.txt

Yabwrite can also write multiple source files to the memory card at once. To do that, just use the asterisk notation (*.txt) or add several source files to the command line. When writing multiple files at once, please note that the memory card is slow and it may take some time for the Yabwrite to finish writing the programs. Please wait patiently until Yabwrite completes and do not interrupt the copying. If you want to see what Yabwrite is doing, add -v switch to the command line before running yabwrite.

Selecting the Memory Card

By default, Yabwrite writes the source files to the memory card at slot 2. To use an alternative location, add -d switch to the command line. For example, write all txt files to memory card at slot 1 as

yabwrite -d/mnt/mc00 *.txt

File Naming Conventions

The names of the Yabasic source files in the memory card cannot contain more than to 8 characters. Moreover, the file names must consist of capital letters, numbers and a few special symbols only. By default, Yabwrite tries to name the files according to the original source files, and, if a file name contains an illegal character, Yabwrite simply removes that very character from the file name. If you do not like this behavior, you can rename the source files on hard disk or specify alternative name for file at the memory card with -o option. For example, write the file "jing & jang.txt" to the memory card as "jingjang" as

yabwrite -ojingjang "jing & jang.txt"

Unmounting Memory Card

After writing Yabasic source files to the memory card, unmount the memory card at slot 2 as

umount /mnt/mc10

Place the Yabasic demo disk to the dvd drive and restart the Linux kit by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. Press the reset button when asked, load the Yabasic and enjoy your Yabasic games!