Plain Old T*tris for PS2 Yabasic

Figure 1: Playing Potris


Plain Old T*tris (Potris) is a TetrisTM-like game for PS2 Yabasic. PS2 Yabasic was once distributed with the European PlayStation 2 units. Nowadays, you can run Potris and other Yabasic games in MS-Windows using the Yabasic emulator.

Download & Install Potris

Potris for PS2 Yabasic requires PS2 Yabasic Emulator so be sure to install it first.

Download Potris 1.0.3 installation package.

Unzip the installation package and copy the the potris.txt file to your desktop, for example. Start the Yabasic emulator by double clicking the ps2yabasic icon on your desktop and choose open from the file menu. Find the potris.txt file and click OK. To run Potris, press the large start button on the toolbar.

Playing Potris


Your objective in Potris is to pack falling blocks as tightly as you can into the bottom of the well. If you pack a row completely, that row will be removed from the well giving you more space to fit new blocks. As the game progresses, the blocks will start falling more rapidly giving you less and less time to think your strategy. The game ends when a block does not fit into the well.


To start playing Potris, press Page Down key in your keyboard (emulator) or the Start button in your Dualshock controller (PS2). While playing the game, you can temporarily pause the game by pressing Page Down (Start button) again.

In order to move a block to a suitable position, move the block horizontally by the direction buttons. The block will then slowly fall to the bottom of the well and freeze when it reaches the bottom. A new block will appear for you to position after the previous block has fallen to the bottom of the well. If you prefer not to wait for the next block, press the down button to accelerate the fall.

To fit a block tightly, it is sometimes necessary to rotate the block. To rotate a block, move the block to free area and press the Delete key (X button). You can rotate a block repeatedly to fit it. After positioning a block you can also rotate the next block before it appears in the well.

When outside the game, Control and Caps Lock keys (L1 and R1 buttons) change between instructions, credits and high-score listings.

The High Score Table

Figure 2: The high score table

If your score makes it into the high-score table (Figure 2), type your initials using a miniature keyboard, that appears at the left side of the display. To use this miniature keyboard, press the direction buttons to move the cursor over a button and press Delete key (X button) to operate the button. Pressing Delete key (X button) over a character inserts the corresponding character to the high-score table. To delete a character, move the cursor over the del button and press Delete key (X button). To clear the initials completely, move the cursor over the clr button and press the Delete key (X button). When you are satisfied with the initials, move the cursor over the ret button and press Delete key (X button).

Note that the high-score table is not automatically saved to disk when you exit Potris. In fact, the PS2 Yabasic does not even have a method to read or write files in your disk. Thus, the only way to save the high-score table is to modify the potris.txt source file. If you want to save your score to the high-score table permanently, please read the instructions at the top of the potrix.txt file. You can use the PS2 Yabasic Emulator to modify this file.