About Toni Rönkkö

I am Toni Petri Rönkkö, a 35-year-old computer programmer from Lapinlahti, Finland. This is my web site and I use it mainly to provide software of my own creation for others to download.

I started programming around 1986 as a hobby. In 1994, I took my hobby to another level as I started studying computer science at the University of Kuopio. Later, my hobby turned in to full-time profession. Up to this date I have worked in three different software companies and I have also programmed utilities and games of my own, some of which you can find from this web site. Furthermore, I have made contributions to free software and supplied patches to programs such as Emacs, automake, xdvi and xmakemol.

I am one of the owners of JT-Sivupalvelu, a company who builds websites and custom applications for the web. If you need a website, feel free to contact me for an offer.

In my free time, I help a friend to maintain the Eppunormaali.net website. I also publish short stories in my blog (in Finnish) and participate in web forums such as facebook and iThink. When I am not at the front of a computer, I am most likely outside taking a walk, bicycling, swimming, or just reading a good old fashioned book.