OpenTTD Scenarios

Small transportation network consisting of train and truck stations.

About OpenTTD

OpenTTD (or OTTD for short) is a computer game that simulates transportation networks. In OpenTTD, the player is put in charge of a small transportation company and the player must earn money by transporting passengers and goods from one place to an other. For this, the player must build track, roads, airports and harbours, purchase vehicles, and set up transportation routes.

This very page contains additional scenarios for OpenTTD. To install the scenarios to your computer, unpack the zip files to your OpenTTD scenario directory. Under UNIX, scenarios are usually located at the .openttd/scenario directory in your home directory. In Windows, scenarios are located at the C:\Program Files\OpenTTD\scenario directory.

Download all scenarios in a single zip file (1.2 MB).

The Scenarios


Boston (256 x 256 map blocks)

The scenario takes place in the great Boston area in the northeastern United States. The landscape in this scenario is void of industries but rich of cities and towns. You will find it challenging to cope with limited space and huge amounts of passenger traffic.

The scenario is best played with the Generic Trams 0.4 addon. Suitable for 1-3 players.

Download Boston scenario (56 KB).

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria (256 x 256 map blocks)

This scenario is inspired by rough terrains of Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria is a popular tourist destination at the coast of Africa.

The scenario is rich of industries and factories, and you will find it fairly easy to build lucrative transportation routes around the island. However, many of the cities are built around hills and hill sides, and you will need to use your imagination in order to connect all cities. The scenario is best suited for 1-3 players.

Download Gran Canaria scenario (67 KB).


Overview of the Finland scenario (512 x 512 map blocks)

The scenario mimics the landscape and the economics of south Finland. The coastal areas in the map are almost flat making it easy to build roads and track. Going to the north-east, the landscape quickly becomes dispersed with lakes and water ways making it more difficult to build track. However, most of the raw materials are located at the north and you must find a way to ship the raw materials from the north to the factories at the south.

The map contains lots of small cities so you can build lucrative bus routes as well as rail network. The coastal areas and the water ways in the central Finland also allow for efficient water transportation all over the map. The scenario is best suited for 1-4 players.

Download Finland scenario (189 KB).

You can play this scenario with the Finnish Train Set for Transport Tycoon. However, please note that the Sr1 and Sm1 trains are not available until 1973 when the electrified track becomes available. The scenario starts in 1970.

For an extra challenge, try to avoid blocking water ways and build shipping routes in the central Finland. Alternatively, try to build a realistic Finnish Railway Network.

Gold Rush

In the Gold Rush scenario, your task is to transport gold and valuable items from the mines of the mid-west desert to the prosperous cities of the west coast. The landscape of this map is inspired by south-west United States. The big cities are mostly located at the coast, and the landscape quickly turns into heavily forested mountain range. Further to the east, the landscape gradually turns into dry desert and far beyound the desert lies Texas with its oil fields and farms. The scenario is best suited for 2-4 players.

Overview of the Gold Rush scenario (1024 x 256 map blocks)

Download Gold Rush scenario (260 KB).

Boot Island

The Boot Island features large seas, high mountains and open plains. Unlike in randomly generated maps, raw materials, industries and large cities are spread apart so you must build long transportation routes to earn money in this scenario. The large seas and high mountains make this a worthwhile challenge. The scenario is best suited for 4-8 players.

Overview of the Boot Island scenario (1024 x 512 map blocks)

Download Boot Island scenario (628 KB).

Thanks to Devil for comments.

Getting OpenTTD

OpenTTD is an open source game and you can download the latest version for free at However, OpenTTD is based on Transport Tycoon Deluxe by Chris Sawyer and the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe data files are needed to play OpenTTD. If you do not own Transport Tycoon Deluxe, then you may find it at Abandonia, for example.

For more information on playing OpenTTD, please see Owen´s Transport Tycoon Station. The site contains lots of useful tips on track building and stuff. The site is written mainly for Transport Tycoon in mind, but the great majority of tips apply to OpenTTD as well.