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Freecell playable on-line

My version of Freecell for PS2 Yabasic can now be played on-line at Read more at Jan 21 2016

Dirent version 1.21 is available

This version supports Open Watcom compiler. Sep 25 2015

Dirent version 1.20.1 is available

Use this version if you cannot unpack version 1.20. Apr 7 2014

Dirent version 1.20 is available

This version compiles cleanly in 64-bit architecture. Get the latest dirent at Mar 19 2014

Dirent version 1.13.2 is now available

The new version improves compatibility with Unix and Windows NT 4.0. Get the latest dirent at Mar 4 2014

Dirent version 1.13 is now available

This version uses alternative 8+3 file name if the real file name cannot be represented in the default ANSI code page. Get the latest dirent at Dec 11 2012

Dirent version 1.12 available

This version adds Mingw-compatible wide-character functions to dirent and provides a few more example programs. Get the latest dirent at Sep 30 2012

Dirent 1.10

The new dirent API fixes a bug in rewinddir(), and adds d_type and d_namlen fields to dirent structure. The former field is especially useful for determining whether a directory entry represents a file or a directory. Get the latest dirent at Aug 11 2010

Dirent 1.9

The Dirent API for Microsoft Visual C++ was updated to version 1.9. The new version adds rewinddir() function by John Cunningham. Download the latest Dirent API at Dec 16 2009

VirtualBox 2.2.4

Compile VirtualBox version 2.2.4 for Solaris 10 u4 using the instructions at Version 2.2.4 seems to be the last version of VirtualBox that works under u4. Dec 3 2009