About this site

Over the years I have come to create some computer programs to handle my special computing needs. For example, I created a command line audio mixer for Sun Solaris 10 to change the volume within Emacs editor, I created Yabwrite to save my Yabasic programs to PlayStation 2 memory cards, and I created a clone of the Dirent programming interface to compile my UNIX programs in Windows. By this web site I hope to help others who have similar computing needs.

Additionally, I use this very web site for experimenting with web-techniques and learning programming. Right now I am interested in simple and straight-forward techniques that allow me maintain and to keep webs site up to date with minimal amount of work. After all, web sites are build to preserve meaningful information over a long period of time, and both the information content and the visual layout are bound to be updated every now and then. My quest is to explore tecniques that allow the visual layout to be changed independently of the content and vice versa.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), PHP, HTML templates and various Content Management Systems (CMS) can be of great help but the web site must be carefully designed in order to use these techniques effectively. For example, if some aspect of visual layout is modified, then how do we preserve consistency throughout the web site? How should the content be marked to allow the visual representation to be changed while at the same time minimizing the need for extra markup?

Toni Rönkkö, Jan 22 2008